What we do

Narangi works to empower underprivileged people in India. By investing in education and training, we help people develop their talents and abilities. We partner with small-scale, local projects working on the ground with disadvantaged communities. Besides, we offer support to individual families by funding the schooling of their children. A good education leads to more and better employment opportunities, and thereby to a better life.


Our activities

We provide direct financial support to our partner organisations. Our support can be one-off or a long-term partnership. Our main activities are fundraising and fund management. And to help our local partners to become more independent and sustainable, we assist with capacity strengthening, such as providing coaching in the field of business management and fundraising.



Narangi believes that small-scale, civil society projects play a crucial role in development, in addition to support offered by large NGOs and government organisations. Small-scale means:

  • Direct support to the target group.
  • A focus on human beings and their welfare.
  • No money spent on bureaucracy.
  • Donors can see where their money is going.


Improving access to education and healthcare

Our focus is on basic education for children for whom access to schooling is limited or impossible. We believe that education should be available to everyone; education leads to empowerment, and to improved future circumstances. Education is one of the most effective means to break the cycle of poverty. To fully benefit from the educational environment, children need to be healthy. That’s why basic healthcare is also one of our priorities.


Current projects

Currently, we support several projects in Jaipur (India), involving 100 slum children and their families. These projects are run by a local NGO called the Wisdom Academy, our local partner organisation. The Wisdom Academy provides free basic education to children, and supports the families and communities of its students. In July 2013, the Wisdom Academy also started vocational training projects for adults: sewing courses for women in the slums.


Individual support

Under certain circumstances we deliver services on an individual basis to support people in realizing their full potential. We open up new doors by providing support for education and for vocational training.

Presently, we are helping children from three poor families in Jaipur (India). We are making it possible for Sanjay, Pramiti, Ajay, Trilok, Amir, Ajmal, Ruhi and Nasreen to obtain a better education through access to good quality schools, as opposed to the government schools they used to attend.


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