Community support

Besides providing education and training, the Wisdom Academy provides various forms of support to the families and communities of its students. These efforts improve the living conditions in the slum and help building trust between the Wisdom Academy and the slum dwellers.


Health activities
Once a month a qualified nurse visits the slums for routine medical check-ups. Basic medicines (like vitamin pills, aspirin, cough syrup, iron supplements, and antibiotics) are distributed free of cost.


Besides offering medical care, the visits by the nurse are about prevention and raising awareness. She educates the women on topics such as hygiene, the prevention of diseases, nutritious cooking, and the harms of (chewing) tobacco and alcohol. Slum inhabitants are ignorant on many health subjects, and especially they should know how to avoid health problems. The slum dwellers are daily wagers, falling ill means no income. Besides, these people don’t have health insurance and won’t be able to pay for extra sudden expenses (such as medicines or treatment by a doctor).


Women are key to fighting poverty and to raising educational and living standards. The community support given by the Wisdom Academy is focussed on women. They tend to be more responsible for the wellbeing of their families than their husbands. It took some time to gain the trust from the women in the slums. Now, the ladies tell their stories to the nurse, share information on families in need, and are willing to be educated about health issues.


Other activities and services in the slums

  • Distributing blankets, as it can get pretty cold at night in winter in Jaipur.
  • Counseling in cases of domestic violence.
  • Providing means to prevent mosquito-borne diseases (malaria, dengue).
  • Giving treatment for head lice.
  • Assisting in medical emergency situations (such as arranging transport to a hospital or contribute to paying medical bills).
  • Organizing awareness programmes on education, family planning, basic civic rights, etcetera.
  • Supplying (drinking) water in summer.



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