What are the costs?

Basic education and community support

The Wisdom Academy provides free education to children and free medical and social help to the communities of its students.


The costs of the activities performed

by the Wisdom Academy are

120 euro per student per year


Running costs for four schools and four slums include:

  • Classroom rent and inventory
  • Learning materials and stationary
  • Salary of the teachers (4) and teaching assistants (4)
  • Mini meals and excursions
  • Salary of the nurse
  • Medicines
  • Emergency help (such as handing out blankets in winter, and arranging medical treatment for injured people)


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Sewing courses
The Wisdom Academy provides free sewing classes to women in the slums.


 The cost of the courses is

100 euro per participant


Total costs for two sewing courses in two different slums for 18 months include:

  • Investment costs (like the purchase of hand stitching machines)
  • Salary of the teachers (2) and assistants (2)
  • Materials (cloth, thread, buttons, zippers, needles, pins, etc.)
  • Tea and simple snacks


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