There are many ways for companies of all sizes to support Narangi’s work.


We can help you meet your Corporate Social Responsibility goals. Together, we can support meaningful projects and create real and lasting change in the lives of disadvantaged children and their communities. Besides, getting involved as a company provides fun and motivational opportunities to engage your staff and enhance team spirit!


Here are some of the ways your organisation can partner with Narangi:


Invest financially

  • Donate a percentage of your revenue for a day, week or month to Narangi. Or choose to give a percentage of the sales of a specific product or service.
  • Choose to fund a particular project, like a specialized health camp (such as a dental camp) in the slums, a vocational training programme for women, or sponsor a whole school class for half or a full year.
  • Become one of our regular donors and contribute periodically.
  • Please note that your donation to Narangi may be tax deductible. Dutch companies donating to Narangi, can deduct these gifts from their corporate tax. 


Invest your expertise
On our wish list:

  • Graphic designers (to help us with a flyer, posters, and e-newsletters).
  • Marketing professionals (for advice on -online- fundraising strategies).
  • Any professional or technical expertise that can support or enhance the work we do.


Donate practical resources
We welcome for instance:

  • Air tickets, to make regular field visits to our projects in India. You could use your frequent flyer miles to buy a plane ticket for Narangi staff as a gift.
  • Printing services for our marketing tools, such as flyers and posters.
  • Sponsorship of our fundraising events (such as providing us with a venue space or drinks and snacks).


Donate practical resources in India
Companies based in India can also donate goods to our projects, such as:

  • School furniture
  • Stationery, notebooks, drawing materials and books
  • Video equipment or computers
  • And much, much more. Please contact us if you would like to donate goods.
  • Please note: we don’t send goods overseas to our projects. For more information, please read How we work.


Organise a fundraising event
Organise an event to raise money for Narangi! It can be a great team building activity as staff from across the company work together towards a common goal. Consider inviting your clients, suppliers and associates to partner with you in your fundraising activities. It’s a proven way to increase your company’s profile and brand awareness.

  • Launch a year-long ‘Narangi charity of the year’ campaign, and organise a whole series of smaller events.
  • Host a charity dinner, Bingo night or office BBQ.
  • Hold a lottery, auction or sale. 
  • Organise your own sporting event, such as a golf or bowling tournament, tennis match, run, or bike ride. Have participants collect sponsored pledges for their scores (and match fund their efforts).
  • We can provide you with fundraising materials. Please contact us, we are happy to help you prepare for your event.


You may be able to assist in other ways not listed here. Please let us know, every little helps!


Would you like more information? Or do you need our help in developing your corporate social responsibility plan? We would be happy to hear from you! Please contact us.


Thank you for cooperating with us!


Click here to see the companies who already partner with us.


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