The Wisdom Academy

Educational projects for underprivileged children (and since 2013 also for adults) living in the slums of Jaipur, in India. The projects are run by the Wisdom Academy, Narangi’s local partner organisation.

  • In short

    The Wisdom Academy in a nutshell. READ MORE
  • Equal opportunities

    Many slum children don’t have a chance to go to school. The Wisdom Academy works to enable more children to get a good education. READ MORE
  • The schools

    The students at the Wisdom Academy never went to school before. So, much more reason to make learning as attractive as possible. READ MORE
  • The slums

    Read more about the slums where the students live: housing and living conditions, employment of the slum dwellers, and the many daily problems. READ MORE
  • Sewing courses

    The Wisdom Academy provides sewing training to women to help them build better futures for themselves and their children. READ MORE
  • Community support

    The Wisdom Academy gives all kinds of support to the slum communities to improve the quality of life. READ MORE
  • Profiles

    Meet Rohit and Deepanjali, the founders of the Wisdom Academy. And get to know more about Vishnu, Pooja and Mukesh, some students at the schools. READ MORE
  • What are the costs?

    How much does it cost to provide basic education and community support in four different slums? And how much is needed to teach women new skills? READ MORE

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