Who we are


Anja van der Wal – Co-Founder and Chairwoman of the Board
“In India we met a lot of people who don’t have the opportunities to develop their potential. People just as talented as you and me, but whose future perspectives are much less positive due to the circumstances they were born into. A strong desire to help make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate led to Narangi: a small organisation that can make a big impact in poor people’s lives.”


Anja is working as an independent project manager and is the leading force behind Narangi



Eelke Blokker – Board Member
Children should go to school. That’s that! And we should do anything in our power to make this possible for each and every child. As co-founder of a homeless shelter and a workplace for socially excluded groups in The Netherlands, I’ve experienced how much a person’s life is determined by his youth. And this is true for all children, regardless of where and how they live. Also for children living in slums or on the streets!”


Eelke is co-founder and co-director of the Institute for Public Values



Lobke van Rijn – Board Member
“Naturally every child wants to learn and develop new skills. I think it’s a shame that not every child is given an equal opportunity to receive an education. Narangi gives children in India a chance to develop themselves. Helping children build better futures through education: a cause I am very much committed to.”


Lobke works as staff member at the Youth Protection Agency in Amsterdam



Albert Jan Kruiter – Co-Founder
“Many people in developing countries lack the opportunities that most of us in the Western world seemingly ‘naturally’ have. Through Narangi, we hope to provide chances for less privileged people to escape from poverty. It doesn’t cost much moneywise to offer people something that is priceless: a possibility for personal development and improved future prospects.”


Albert Jan is co-founder and co-director of the Institute for Public Values



*The drawing was made by Ashu, a student at the Wisdom Academy


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