Tax benefits for donors

The Narangi Foundation is registered in The Netherlands as a charity, as a

so-called ANBI (‘Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling’, Organisation for the Public Benefit).


To qualify as an ANBI, an organisation needs to show that it does not intend to make a profit, and that at least 90% of its activities serve the common good. Board members of an ANBI receive no or little compensation for their work.


Being a registered ANBI means that the Dutch Tax Administration has granted tax-exempt status to Narangi.


Benefits for donors
Donations made to Narangi by Dutch taxpayers may be tax deductible for income tax purposes (individuals) or corporate tax purposes (companies).


Click here to read more information (in Dutch) on the website of the Dutch Tax Administration.


If you are paying taxes in another country than The Netherlands, please check with your national tax authority if you can make a tax deductible donation to a foreign charity.


Benefits for Narangi
The Narangi Foundation does not have to pay gift or inheritance tax on any donations or legacies it may receive. So, every euro you contribute goes directly to the benefit of Narangi.


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